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Landscaping Lafayette Indiana

At Van Dame, we understand that your Lafayette home or business is your vision, and no vision is truly complete without a professional and experienced landscape to accompany it. We offer full landscaping design and installation services for all of your landscaping needs. See below for the full list of landscaping services.

We offer many additional services that can be added to our lawn care packages, and we can customize a package to best suit your needs and budget. Services such as push mowing and yard bagging can be performed for an additional fee. See below for descriptions of our packages and our additional services.

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Hardscapes
  • FAQs

Landscape Design

Is your home or business looking bare without a landscape? We can help you design the landscape that is right for your building, giving it the appropriate appearance to suit your needs and preferences. Your input can help create the landscape with the greatest curb appeal to you and your visitors. Our landscape design software can fully plot the landscaping plans before the first step of installation takes place. We can create the landscape to fit your budget and complete your home or business. Our landscape options include:

  • Flower beds
  • Mulch beds
  • Rock beds
  • Decorative rocks of any size
  • Multiple landscape edging options (natural edge, plastic or poured edge)

Once you have the landscape design that best matches your needs and budget, we can complete the installation for you.


Landscape Installation

Van Dame provides you with options to make the area around your home or business into exactly what you want. We are a fully licensed Nursery dealer which provides you with numerous flowers, shrubs, and other plants and trees that will compliment and accent your building. We can install a bed liner to prevent unwanted growth, and we grade the area to provide an even surface for the landscaped bed. Get the professional look with Van Dame Landscaping.



To complete your landscaping needs, Van Dame also offers hardscape services. We can install stone paver walkways and patios, as well as retaining walls or ponds to complete your landscaped look.

Stone Patios and Walkways

A lasting stone patio or walkway requires several steps. At Van Dame, we follow all those steps to give you the best-looking, longest-lasting patio or walkway possible. We grade the land and establish a firm, flat base, level off the area with sand, and then lay the stone pavers. Finally, to provide lasting protection, we fill in the gaps with a sand sealant, creating a permanent seal around the pavers and giving you a beautiful patio or walkway that you can enjoy for years to come.

Retaining Walls

Constructing a lasting retaining wall is a complex task. Many companies use materials that can create a leaning or sagging wall over time. The expansion and contraction of the ground from freezing and thawing is the primary cause of the failure of an improperly constructed retaining wall. These are the main reasons a retaining wall can fail:

  • Improper compaction
  • Little or no base material
  • Little or no drainage aggregate
  • Improper building material
  • Hollow blocks
  • Blocks with no mechanical connection
  • No geogrid/nothing that ties the wall into the hillside
  • Settling of grade behind the wall

At Van Dame Outdoor Maintenance, we provide retaining walls that last, using techniques to guarantee a strong and enduring structure. We dig out a trench to the proper dimensions before lining it with crushed limestone for a sturdy foundation. Once this base is leveled off, we use bricks with a mechanical connection that prevents the wall from disconnecting during the freezing and thawing of the ground. With the proper construction and irrigation techniques, we provide a retaining wall that is guaranteed to last. A Van Dame retaining wall is a forever-wall. We are so confident in our work that we offer a five-year warranty on our retaining walls*. We take the following steps to prevent structural failure:

  • Proper base compaction
  • Minimum 6" of proper base material
  • Minimum 6" drainage pipe
  • Proper amount of drainage aggregate
  • Solid blocks with mechanical connection
  • Use of geogrid
  • Proper grading behind the wall to control water flow
  • Follow all regulations compliance
  • Five Year Warranty*

Before comparing estimates, be sure that you understand the reasons why retaining walls can fail, and what steps are required to ensure that does not happen. At Van Dame, we always take all the necessary steps to make certain our retaining walls will last, which is why we offer a guarantee.

We can perform a free estimate and a retaining wall consultation for you. Our team will make an appointment to visit and survey the area, to better assess the necessary structure and design for your specific needs. Call Van Dame Outdoor Maintenance today to learn about our retaining wall solutions.

*Five-year warranty included with full installation package only


Landscaping FAQs

Q: Can you help with an existing landscape that needs to be updated?

A: We can add on or redesign an existing landscape to suit your needs or desires. Van Dame is here to make certain you are happy with the way your landscape looks.


Q: What if a part of my landscaping or hardscaping becomes damaged?

A: Your satisfaction in our work is our number one priority. We offer maintenance service for regular landscape beds to maintain edges and plants, but we will also come to repair damaged edges, patios, walkways or retaining walls. We guarantee our work to your satisfaction.

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