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Plow Through Winter Problems – Snow Plowing Lafayette
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Plow Through Winter Problems – Snow Plowing Lafayette

It’s finally Thanksgiving, and as you sit down with your beautiful family at the dinner table, you could not be filled with more gratitude. The air smells like apple pie, the turkey is baking slowly in the oven, and the weather is—erm—interesting. You were hoping to get through Thanksgiving with simply a few light sweaters and a scarf, but instead you were forced to bring the box of winter coats and thick gloves out of the basement a few weeks early. "It’s alright," you think. "As long as it doesn’t snow." Of course, as if it were fate, you see thick white flurries accumulating on the ground outside. It is time to look into specialists in snow plowing in Lafayette.

Take Out the Tundra with Snow Plowing in Lafayette

One method used by snow removal specialists all over the country is the snow plow. Plowing snow is an effective and efficient method of removing that winter mess from roads and driveways even before you need to get up and go to work! Without snow plows, your daily commute would be a whole lot slipperier!

The first snow plows, used as early as the 1800’s, were simply a large piece of shaped wood attached to a horse drawn carriage. Once automobiles became available for commercial use, the snow plow was improved and updated. In 1913, the first snow plow built specifically for use with motor equipment was created. By the 1920’s, snow plows were built to be used on automobiles, and the modern day snow plow that we know was born. Through the last century, the snow plow has improved in accuracy and durability. It is now known as one of the top snow removal methods throughout the world.

How Does it Work?

So how does this snow plow even work? The snow plow is essentially a blade that ranges from 6 to 9 feet long that is meant to be attached to a large vehicle and pushed through icy streets. The metal blade acts like a giant shovel, separating the ice and snow and creating a wide section of the road that is now driveable. Once the snow and ice are removed from the road, many snow plows will add salt to the mixture to insure greater friction and quicker melting of the remaining snow. With snow plowing in Lafayette, you are sure to get the best results possible so you can get on with your busy life!

Van Dame Outdoor Maintenance

Winter has arrived and is as fierce as ever. Thankfully, Van Dame Outdoor Maintenance is completely prepared. We offer competitive snow removal strategies, including plow trucks, tractors, snow-blowers, and shovels to meet your snow removal needs. If you’re looking for quick, easy, and affordable snow removal this winter, call (765) 588-1398.

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