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5 Ways to Talk Your Neighbor into Lawn Care Services Lafayette, IN
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5 Ways to Talk Your Neighbor into Lawn Care Services Lafayette, IN

You take great pride in your lawn. It’s beautiful, well-maintained, and each tulip has been planted with utmost delicacy. Sometimes you frolic about in your self-proclaimed garden of Eden, admiring each detail that plays a part in your perfect landscape. Unfortunately, your neighbor doesn’t quite have the same – uh – standards as you do. Mr. Jergens’ yard is completely overgrown and covered in layers of dead leaves, dark green weeds, and patches of damp grass that have been trampled beyond repair. Mr. Jergens doesn’t seem to understand how the neighborhood feels about his lawn, and you’re determined to convince him to clean up his yard! But how can you do it? Here are a few of our favorite tips:

Our 5 Helpful Tips to Encourage Lawn Care Services in Lafayette, IN: 


1. Hold a Contest

Nothing boosts motivation like some friendly competition. If your neighbors feel the same way about Mr. Jergens’ yard, create a competition that offers a prize for the top lawn in the neighborhood. Other awards like “Most Improved” can be given out as well. This way, your neglectful neighbor will have a reason to get his yard together.


2. Post Selfies Doing Yardwork

If your neighbor is an avid social media user, this plan is sure to work. First of all, friend and follow your neighbor on all social media sites. Immediately after this, start posting an overwhelming amount of pictures of you and your friends participating in yardwork, landscaping, and any other form of lawn care services in Lafayette, IN. This is sure to give your neighbor some hardcore FOMO (fear of missing out), and he may just come running out to join you.

3. Invite Your Neighbor Over for “Dinner”

Any plan can be disguised as a good old-fashioned dinner invitation. Once your neighbor comes over for what they think is fried chicken with a side of potatoes, don’t let them leave your house until you’ve shown them a complete presentation regarding proper lawn maintenance. If they take notes, go ahead and serve them some fried chicken. They deserve it.


4. Make Your Own Music About Lawn Care and Play It Outside

You know what they say: music is the window to the soul—or something like that. Get your creative juices flowing and write some tunes about the importance of making your lawn beautiful. Your neighbor might just catch on and decide that they also need lawn care services in Lafayette, IN.


5. Buy Them Gardening Equipment

By personally gifting your neighbor with gardening tools, they’ll feel obligated to use them! Offer your assistance in showing your neighbor how to use the tools, and spend time teaching your neighbor how to make their lawn look flawless. You never know, they might just catch on!

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